Serger Thread Storage

You can buy these Closet Maid over-the-door organizers at Target as of 7-2016. Aisle C-41 in my Tarhet. Are the aisle numbers consistent from one Target to the next? 

Serger cones fit perfectly in this pitifully easy to assemble and install rack. Lots of them. And who has a serger and doesn’t have lots of cones of thread? This is not my original idea. I found it on the forums of while desperately searching for ways to organize my sewing room. I am merely passing it on. Paying it forward if you will. It’s a great idea, so thanks to the original poster, whoever you are.

Updated to add that the serger cones fall over so it’s best to store them lying down and they fit fine that way too.

Updated again, 2024, to note that I no longer use this method to store serger cones.  They tended to rattle around too much and occasionally would fall out if someone slammed the door and created a rebound.  I’ve yet to remove the rack, but I’m moving that task to the top of my to-do list when I buckle down and really tidy my sewing room/office space.

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