Conversation From a Long Marriage

Him:  What did you do with the packet of pumpkin seeds?

Her:  I was paying; the checker handed the packet to you.

Him:  I must have put in on the cart and then you took the cart to put it away.

Her:  It wasn’t in your pocket?

Him:  No, I didn’t put in in my pocket.  I’ll go look again in the car.

Her:  Okay.

Him:   It was in my pocket.

Her: Huh.

Riotous laughter ensues.

(“I told you so” is strictly for amateurs…it never gets a laugh and shared laughter is one of the primary keys to a long and successful marriage.  Also growing things together: families, gardens, etc.)

Keeping track…

I’m working on 2 illustrations simultaneously because I’ve got 2 sketchbooks from the currently running sketchbook exchange project in my studio at the same time and the plant material I wanted to use was wilting fast. I just hope I don’t get the books out of order when I go to mail them since I’ve made such an issue of keeping the books flowing from artist to artist in the proper order. So Columbine flower is first and should go out this week and Purple Honeywort is second and should wait until this time next month.

In order, both still in progress:

Wait, I added them in the proper order, but they came out in reverse order. You see how easy it is to get mixed up!!!