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Simplicity 2892


This is Simplicity 2892, a cute little summer top from a pattern I vow never to sew again.  I think it turned out well in the end, but the gathered yoke with the little ruffle set into the neckline edge was a lot of fussy sewing for what you get in the end.  I spent the better part of last Sunday gathering, adjusting and hand basting layer after layer.  I made it in a straight size 14.  It came out a bit large for the intended wearer, but not much and her measurements would put her right in a 14, so I took in the side seam and gave it a little shape at the waist.  That helped, but I might recommend going down a size from what you usually sew if you are brave enough to tackle all that gathering.  I think there must be other patterns that give a similar effect with much less effort, like New Look 6895?  Maybe I will try that one soon on this stash-busting summer sewing spree.  I’m certain there are some fabrics in the stash that would be just the thing…

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    • Well, I did buy 4 new Burda patterns on sale yesterday, so that sort of disqualifies me for pattern-stash-busting this summer. The thing about patterns is that if you try them and they are good, then you have to KEEP them in your stash FOREVER because they are good patterns! This is unlike fabric which, when you use it, is gone from your stash, making room for more. Even this pattern which I have vowed never to sew again has to stay in stash because there are other views that have had good reviews on Pattern Review that I haven’t tried yet.

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