Stash-busting SWAP

Stash-busting SWAP


The fabric stash is getting out of hand.  So there was this red linen and I was wanting crops for summer and had signed up for Sandra Betzina’s Craftsy class on pants fitting.  Now we have a pair of red linen crop pants that fit (thanks, Sandra) and only one or two plain white tops that go with.  Hmm.  What about this polka dot knit I picked up at Britex a few years back, just because I was in a polka dot mood that day?  Okay, that’s 2 fabrics out of my stash and one very wearable summer outfit in the closet.  Now I’m on a roll so I go back to the stash to see how many fabrics there are that could conceivably be worn with the red linen pants. They must include some red just because I say so.  My stash, my stash-busting mood, my rules.  I found 5 possibles.

I think I’ll sew up the plaid shirting next using New Look 6010. View C with the bias bib.  Then let’s see if I’m still wanting to stay with this group or move on to something else.

The pants above are Vogue 2948, which is discontinued but if you sign up for the Craftsy class, you get a copy mailed to you.  Arguably, it’s worth taking the class just to get this pattern.  Sandra says it’s the best pants pattern she ever drafted and I believe her.  It fit me pretty much out of the envelope in the size I measured.  All I had to do was take in the waist and remove excess from the hip to the top of the pant to make the smaller waist fit there.  The top is Vogue 8669 for knits.  I have made this pattern before.  It’s a nice draped neck that stays put and isn’t too low.  It’s on the way to becoming a T & T top as long as draped cowl necks are in style.  When they’re out they’re OUT, but they are still feeling fresh to me so I’ll probably make a few more of these.

I’m off to cut that plaid shirt.  I might have it ready by the middle or end of next week if I’m diligent.  It’s got buttons and buttonholes and interfacing.  Little one or two hour knit tops and dresses have gotten me spoiled!  This is actual shirt construction…it’s been a while.


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